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Dreamz Unlimited

>> Wednesday, June 25, 2008

She was screaming her lungs out, so were the fellow tourists. The roller coaster was much more than she had bargained for. The adrenaline rush that it gave her was surely going to stay for a long time to come.

The Roller coaster, a little rickety and old, jostled its occupants around. The twists and turns it took, would give even the best crime writer a race for his money. The final descent was exhilarating to say the least. All the joy riders were shaken at the end of the ride but longed for more.

However a sudden honking startled them all, roller coasters don’t have horns do they?? Then where was this ear piercing sound coming from?

The dream had been shattered. The driver was still honking; today was the day all of them were practicing for the upcoming “Honking Olympics”. She was left wondering, but weren’t competing for “Roller Coaster” of the year award!!!. But an Olympic medal was not bad, however it came, she dreamed on …….


The inner turmoil!!!

>> Sunday, June 8, 2008

She held her quivering hands in order to stop them from dropping the glass. Parched lips, bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep… (was this the price I have to pay for my resolve she wondered.)
As the days dragged on, her self control seemed to slowly desert her. Prolonged abstinence had made day seem like a year. Her mind was giving right signals but the body seemed to be picking signals of its own…Maybe these were the withdrawal symptoms people talked about!!
Each day when it was time, her hand involuntarily reached out for her regular fix. It was only the meditation that she had learnt recently that got her through the wretched hour!!
The price she had paid was immense, so much of her precious time was lost she reminded her inner self!!

(She needed to train her mind to learn to love new things now …IPL was a thing of the past…But the craving for a daily dose seemed so strong that her hand invariably reached for the remote at 8 pm.. each day …)


Weird weirder weirdest!!!!

>> Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First my apologies to my blog pals, I confess I have been highly irregular with my posts.
Was flooded with work , it was and is still raining deadlines .... There seems to be no respite on that front. And to top it all, been nursing a swollen ankle due to a real freaky accident.(now that's so like me!!!)
I had been tagged twice so many moons back by my blog sistah
Macadamia. If I didn't do this tag now ( rather tags), I am sure she would even stop dropping by ....
Here we go....
The 1st tag was to give 5 time pass info about me which( I've never revealed on this blog!!!)

  • I talk very fast and talk a lot ( one of my friend even comments that me and silence are like chalk and cheese :( Sometimes my speech touches the speed of a Bullet train between Tokyo and Osaka, only when i see the blank expressions on the listener's face that I try to slow down :)
  • I can't watch horror movies... I try my best to pretend its all fake but the screen ghosts keep haunting me. ( wonder how I look into the mirror daily though :D)
  • Even if I try and keep my feelings to myself, my face betrays it all ... :( ( working on this one .. betrays me at the worst possible junctures in life you see)
  • I forgive but can't forget... cant help it but that's the way I am!!!
  • I suffer from partial amnesia... tend to forget names and directions easily and many other things too ( err now don't know if that's the sign of ageing !!)

Now lets get down to real business.. real quirky business.... (Macadamia asked me to list down 6 quirks too :) )

  • I love cars and enjoy ogling at them on the road... ( its only when the not so handsome drivers ogle back that I realize how much I was staring)
  • I read almost anything I can lay my hands on , which includes the newspaper used to wrap grocery, shampoo contents etc etc ...
  • As a kid, I used to love watching ants go about their business and even imagine what they must be sharing each time the ants passed one another ... (I would still do it, if only there were no time constraints)
  • I love to day dream .. I really think I would have given good competition to Mungerilal ( I am sure you remember him from Mungerilal ke Haseen Sapne on DD1)
  • I get put off by people with egos, of the size of Mount Everest, ... sorry I am not Edmund Hillary .. I cannot climb that mountain to please you :)
  • I really don't mind too much if people hurt me physically ( ok so that doesn't give you license to punch me) but I am distraught when people are rude. It tears me apart and takes me ages to get over rude people , always think its my fault they were rude!! :(

I am not tagging anyone .. most people I know have already done this .. Do feel free to pick it up if you like it :)

Om Tag -aaaya Namah