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Those Little things….

>> Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sometimes it’s joy which you get from the unlikeliest things that put a genuine smile on your face. Midnight calls from unexpected quarters, mails and messages to know you are remembered and missed. Impromptu celebrations and even a meeting you forced upon someone ….
The candles were missing; you were made to do with blowing a match stick… (now isn’t that the sweetest way of not revealing your age). People would have rather slept off after a grueling day at work, but since you want to be indulged, they oblige. A chocolate cake never tasted so nice and the bun-maska –jam combo would win hands down to any gourmet dinner.

There were no frills, confetti or streamers, but a genuine effort to make my day and boy it did!!! Nothing in life comes for free, but some moments are truly priceless.

To all those who made my day special yesterday in their own little and not so little ways!! Thanks a ton!!



>> Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Last week the city I live in was inundated by rain for precisely 2 hours for one day. The chaos that followed after that was a testimony of the exemplary planning of our city planners. Stuck in traffic for 3 hours, my heart went out to the people in Bihar who had been going through this for days on end.

The flood and the fact that we were one of the few organizations working when whole of Maharashtra was celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi had put me in a real cranky mood the next day too. However I was unaware that another flood awaited me. But this was a flood that brought back the smile on my face.
I t was a flood of happiness. The joy that someone actually likes being your friend. In this real world of fickle friends, it’s nice to know someone right across the globe calls you a friend!!!

Keshi sent across two great gifts, which I am going to treasure for a real long time. And the best Part is that I get to share this gift and spread cheer too. Talk of having the cake and eating it too!!

So , here I display the awards I got from Keshi, (I know this acknowledgement is 2 weeks late !! )

Its the Blogging Friends Forever Award . And I pass this on to Mathew, Neena, Nikhil, Macadamia the nut, Thomas, G-man, Mayz , Keshi ( how can I forget you), Solitaire .

And the Brilliant Weblog award was also given to me by Keshi. It felt like a Pulitzer (I almost had an acceptance speech made up).Iwonderif I even really deserve this. I pass this on to some of the most brilliant bloggers around.

Neena, Silverine ( both her fantastic blogs), Karthik, Solitaire, Durba, Nikhil, Keshi , Mathew, Mayz , full2faltu.
This is all I ahve to say to you Keshi girl
"Something that has always puzzled me all my life is why, when I am in special need of help, the good deed is usually done by somebody on whom I have no claim. ~William Feather"