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Really Proud!!

>> Friday, March 20, 2009

They were both beaming with joy. He had scored 90 marks. Finally he had overcome all the obstacles and got to the top. He had been battling ridicule for so long, they were glad he finally got his due.
I just looked at them, wondering where I had failed them. No matter what I achieved, they didn’t seem to notice it anymore. May be I wasn’t trying hard enough…..

My parents’ reaction to reality show contestants’ marks is beyond my understanding. I don’t remember them reacting with so much pride even to my academic achievements (ok ok not that I gave them many chances ... but still!!)
As for me, let me quote Calvin “Reality continues to ruin my life." ;)


Striking a deal!!

>> Thursday, March 5, 2009

Too much of abuse seemed to have finally taken its toll. The poor guy finally snapped. “I am going on a strike”, he said. The employers tried their best to negotiate a deal, but to no avail. This time, they had tried his patience too far.
The employers are now sending him for a full paid holiday with spa treatment and all (yeah in recession time … lucky guy!!), so that he comes back rejuvenated and inspired to work again.

When the red flags went up in my room, I was wondering if this is an illusion due to overdose of Malayalam news channels at home and the red flags I get to see there. But this time it was for real… my good ol PC has really gone on a strike…. We have just sent it on a fully paid vacation to our vendor .. for spa treatment and massage included package :(

P.S: I decided I am not going to take the strike without a fight... so I blogged my sad tale in my lunch time ... no strike can stop my blog :P