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Looking back

>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

Looking back I see a little girl with stars in her eyes,
Her canvas was the universe and her dreams sky high.

She dreamed of a being a good student and doing well in sports,

To see her parents eyes proudly shine when they saw her school reports.

She struggled with the needle and thread,

Skills they told her in future would hold her in good stead.

She breezed through her school days, college was a struggle,
Diodes, amplifiers capacitors and transistors made her mind boggle.

She stumbled into the big bad world and was labeled an employee,
Hoping the bugs she dug out for a living didn’t push her into ennui.

There came many downs, and a few ups too,
While destiny played its peek a boo, the knight showed up too.

Somewhere she is still the little girl with stars in her eyes,
Her canvas is still the universe just that a few dreams have died!!