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Retribution ...

>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

A 4 year old girl prayed, her eyes tightly shut, her hand firmly clasped, she lisped “Dear God, please keep me safe from all my fears and from Dogs”


As she turned 10, her prayers were more specific, “God, Please let my P.T. teacher not notice my unpolished shoes, and please tell the local dogs, I really get scared of them.”

Answered as in unpolished shoes went unnoticed but my all-time favorite chatter .. gets me 5 rounds of the playground :P and the dogs didn’t bother me for a week ..

Teenage set in and so did Teen angst, “Dear God, please keep acne away from me. The dimpled hunk didn’t notice me despite all my attempts and previous prayers, please please keep Cupid ready next time he is around. Also protect me from the dogs …”

Answered the Dog part .. the hunk got transferred .. so can’t blame God right??

Then came engineering, “God, please cloud the teacher’s eyes, when he checks my glass traced Graphs. I just want a 40 god; I promise I won’t be greedy again!! The dogs near the Canteen eye me with suspicion.. Please tell them I am harmless”

Answered the Dog part and got 40 always.. no matter how well I wrote my exams!!

Workplace issues followed, “God, the module I worked on, let it go through smoothly, the appraisals are nearby. The PHB needs to notice me at least now .. else the peanut storage at home will need to be expanded… I heard the Dog lovers are on a look out for me .. please keep a watch!!”

Answered albeit the Dog part :P

And finally, “God please send my knight in shining armor … I am tired of the virtual guy search… and please please no more Dogs following me around … “

Answered … But this time something different happened … The God from Canine heaven was standing in as God was on leave, and in my prayers got muffled with a few barks..

… the sight I saw made me swoon with love and fear … My knight came riding for sure shining armor et al but he believes in the saying .. A dog is a man's best friend .. even if wife shivers n shrivels in its presence ... the price one pays for love .. humph!!

Divine .. err Canine retribution indeed!!


Spring Cleaning!!

>> Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Layers of dust had gathered all around. Cobwebs had formed at every corner.
The once shining furniture was now replaced by something rusted and broken.
There was a time when this place was bustling with activity. Friends and sometimes passers by did drop by for an occasional dekko.
Now the path is deserted and the silence deafening…

She picked up the broom .. determined to clean up the grime and rust around.
The activity would begin again .. friends would drop by for occasional cup of tea and banter.. she had to keep the promise she had made.. This place would be alive again!!

After a big break in regular programming.. Mindspace is spring cleaned and ready to roll!!