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Its official now....

>> Monday, November 19, 2007

Its official now ... Kimi is WDC 2007. The Mclaren appeal to FIA got rejected ... I hope next year on Mclaren learns to take defeats with more dignity ( you see Kimi is gonna be WDC2008 too hehehe) ...


Paging for …. Innocence

>> Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The earth recently has seen the silent invasion of a new species. The invasion had been slow initially, but in the last 2-3 years the invasion has been growing in leaps and bounds.

Now let me enlighten you with the characteristics of this species and as is the norm lets start with the females.

The females in this species are extremely aware of the ever changing trends. Their vocabulary contains words like sexy, chic, up market, classy etc etc. They dress in the latest trends. Their color coordination in accessories would put even the top model to shame. Their hobbies include ramp walking, reality shows and television.

The males are more into gadgets and gizmos. Their conversations are peppered with swear words. Outdoor is not part of their environment. Their world revolves round graphics, gore and special effects.

A strong dislike for the non visual media (read books) is a common characteristic. So is the ability to exercise their vocal chords with relentless screams and yelps.

I am sure you must be wondering what this post is leading to… Welcome to the world of Junior Adults(JAs). They have almost invaded our space. Achievers in their species are aged between 2 to 10 years

But , they never enjoyed the wind blowing across their face, or built sand castles and had mud fights. They never played with dolls, they dolled up to be models with the perfect pouts. They don’t know that cricket and football are played on open grounds and not with the short cut keys and mouse.

For all of us innocent kids who dressed in whatever mom bought for us despite that trend being outdated by years . For whom birthday parties meant samosas, wafers and cake at home and not a theme party at Mc Donald’s. For all of us who fooled ( ok atleast tried to) fool mom that we were done with homework so that we could run out and play, here’s raising a toast to our Wonder Years.

“Nooo, I need a mini skirt”, the ear shattering scream across the mall almost made me drop the stuff I was carrying. The Junior Adult , aged 5 years old is on a shopping spree.
The JAs have arrived but where have all the kids gone?

Happy Children’s day to all