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All in a day’s work

>> Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and
you're just a reflection of him?"

Some days I am surrounded by such a feeling of hopelessness that it begins to eat me up.
You can’t comprehend what you want from life. I feel I am drowning in my self created mess.
When you begin to go with the flow only to be stuck in a whirlpool and are sucked deep into it. And the mask of smiles seems too heavy to wear. I feel so helpless over certain issues, issues which have no closure.
Appalled by the deceit around me, often wondering why some people just have that power over me. Where people just use me when it’s needed and then in a fraction of a second, I am a complete stranger.
Sometimes I wonder why god made me so human, it would have been so wonderful not to feel at all.

Before my friends begin to panic, I assure you its just one of those days. As I weigh my blessings, these concerns just melt away. But still sometimes my heart rules over my head and I go back to thinking if only things had turned out to be different….