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Time to move on!!

>> Wednesday, December 31, 2008

She watched the sun go down. There was something powerful about this sunset. It only seemed to make her resolve stronger.
There had been several times when she had made this decision but something seemed to hold her back, some unknown force. She was being drawn into a different world, a world which existed only in her dreams, a fact she refused to accept. The smile she carried with her hid her insecurities from the world too. Nobody seemed to spot the cracks in the smile.

This year had been a year of hanging onto a past which refused to die down. Of dreaming up things, which would never come true. The last day of this year seemed to jolt her out or her reverie. She knew time was running out, decisions needed to be made. She had to move on. Moving on, two little world which have far reaching effects. The scars which would come back to hurt her in the unlikeliest moments. The mistakes that make a habit to haunt her and the sorrow of an unfulfilled dream that she would carry with her.

Rome wasn’t built in a day… goes the popular saying and nor do lives change in day. But one day at a time tiny changes creep in and in a year’s time we are not the same anymore.

Happy new year to all of you!!!

The past year has been good, bad and ugly for me and I just hope I can shed the ugly burden and move on to 2009. Just an attempt to leave the hurt here and move on!!!!!


Do you believe in Miracles??

>> Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Two pairs of eyes sat staring at the screen. Taking in each piece of information thrown at them. Each time hoping to find what they were looking for; a face in crowd.

Their faces often clouded with disappointment and self doubt. Was this going to be another futile goose chase? They looked at her with anticipation, hoping that she would give them support in their time of need, but to no avail. But they were not ready to give up yet, after all life was about hoping. Their dream would come true, he would definitely come into their lives and everything would be alright again. All the questions of their prying neighbors would be definitely put to rest. They believed in miracles.

This is precisely the feeling I get each time I see my parents scout the matrimony sites for me!!! They keep hoping for a miracle... ;)



>> Tuesday, December 9, 2008

She could hear their muted whispers as she walked past them. How much she had changed over a matter of few days. Today she didn’t even bother to turn and smile at them, they said. Yet she continued walking, looking straight ahead.

Snob; that was the word they had used. It had hurt her too much. They hadn’t bothered to check with her about her misery. They had just drawn their conclusions. She didn’t bother to correct them, she believed in keeping her woes to herself. This too shall pass she knew, time would reveal the truth to all!!

Only if the people around her had realized that the new found snobbery was thanks to a real stiff neck developed over the weekend!!!


Of Ironies and Iron men!!

>> Wednesday, December 3, 2008

He hurried to get dressed for work; he was running late which was unlike him. His roommates had already left and the room looked like it had been hit by a hurricane. He smiled as he remembered how they had teased each other over girlfriends and crushes at the club last evening.
He blushed as he stuffed his wallet, she did look pretty in that but he knew that smile would turn to a scowl if he forgot her birthday next month.

As the bus sped down the road, his colleagues talked about their plans for the upcoming holiday. He had planned to catch with the many movies he had missed. Slowly as they neared their destination, all talk in the bus turned to work. They focused on the day ahead.

The bus screeched to a halt, his day had begun. Then it was a just a non stop flurry of activity. By the look of it, it already seemed a long say in office.

Little did he know it would also be his last!!

A small tribute to all the brave men in uniform who walk into danger knowing what awaits them. Who have their dreams and aspirations at the back of their minds but give it all up for people they don’t know, but just know the fact that they are their country men, irrespective of the region they belonged to.

Tears will be shed, peace marches held, but that birthday card will always remain not sent!!