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Eight wonders of the world ...

>> Thursday, April 24, 2008

I have been tagged by Thomas of NASA fame :) ... Have been buried in work and with deadlines whizzing past my head, missed his deadline too( the 8 hours one)... And boy , his blogs take me back to my engineering days of mini projects and vivas and all the jazz ( not marks) which accompanied it
1. Each player starts with 8 random facts about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.
4. If you fail to do this within eight hours, nothing will happen to you and you will die of boredom

So let me rack my brains..( not much to rack though) ....

  1. I get very scared of canines ( cant call them dogs ... I already have the Blue Cross on my back for my lack of Comapssion). One particular childhood memory which left me scarred for life :( ... but I am trying to work on my phobia...
  2. I can't swim to save my life.. in case of emergencies I might as well depend on the cute life guards ;)
  3. I love the fact that I belong to real big family with truckloads of cousins... the joy they have brought into my life is irreplacable :)
  4. What's in a name said Shakespeare, I take the Bard seriously and forget names and this habit has got me into real foot refusing to come out of the mouth situations..
  5. I hate the color pink... absolutely ... ( not a feminist notion folks.. you would hate it too, if you had Pink salwar kameez as uniform for 4 years , four days a week in engineering college)
  6. I dont like chocolate, the only sweet I like is Gulab jamun, which I can devour like no tomorrow ... ( hope the gym guy doesnt read my blogs .. else the crunches will be doubled tomorrow :( )
  7. I am a Big Sachin Tendulkar fan ... and I take this chance to wish him "Happy birthday"!!!!!
  8. I tend to give up very easily .. on people ,on things I like, on relationships .... thats one area I really need to work on :)

I pass this on to Alameen .


Klutz Klan!!!

>> Saturday, April 19, 2008

What do you call a person who cannot pass by pillars without greeting them with a bear hug? For whom the sharp edge where the wall meets the floor is the perfect spot to test the tenacity of the little toe. Someone who doesn’t need tattoo artists to create design on the thighs or calves, for sharp drawer edges do that job for free and with new patterns every two weeks.

She once even crashed into a wall in office, only to be told by the admin, “Please concentrate on testing our software, our walls are not human proof yet and we will let you know when you can start testing them” The admin even refused to acknowledge Mediclaim for her torn ligament, that amount they said had to be directed towards "Protect Walls from her" fund.

So when the honour was bestowed upon her, it hardly came as a surprise for people who knew her and had followed her achievements for many years.

Please put your hands together for the newly crowned President of the "Klutz Klan". The honour, they say, is given to the most innovative Klutz of the year. Her eyes were moist for it was after a lot of tough competition, and many failed attempts, that she had finally bagged the honour. The President in an a touching( rather creaking) acceptance speech, thanked all the wall edges, pillars, sharp edges for helping her in reaching this far and requested their support in the years ahead for continuing at this esteemed position.

(Psst ... on her way back home, Miss President flashed her Company Id /Swap card in front of the lift and waited for full 2 mins for it to open and even cursed the lift comapnies for poor maintenance... with this done, she is sure to remain President for a long long time to come ;) )