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Peeping toms unite....

>> Monday, October 29, 2007

As I enter my housing society, I suddenly have a sinking feeling that I am being stalked. Wherever I go, i feel few pairs of eyes piercing my back . I turn around to catch the stalker but alas i find no one around. I almost sound like the protagonist of Sidney Sheldon's "Tell me your dreams", but in reality this is not MPD( for people who must be wondering whether I have completely lost it :D )..

This is what I call OCN . It usually strikes when I am sprinting faster than P. T. Usha to catch my 9:30 Madras Mail office shuttle ( see I leave my house at 9:28, so you can just about imagine the scene). I am almost lunging for the finish line and lo, I am struck by a virulent attack of OCN. Unlike other viral infections, OCN usually begins with a pleasant smile so initial reactions are mild.

This is a conversation between me and OCN virus, yeah the virus talks too :D

OCN : So Deepti, you leave for work at this time daily?

Me: Yes Aunty,

OCN: So you are late today?

Me: Just a little (No, I am running the Mumbai Marathon next year, hence the sprint :( )

Before the attack becomes more intense, I smile my brightest smile and run off, knowing very well that this is only a temporary relief .

Scene 2:

My weekend had just begun, and my long suffering mother who secretly suspects I am turning aethist, coaxed me to atleast put my attendance at the nearby Ayyappa Temple.

Sadly, she doesnt know its not god i am againt but some of the viral attacks I am subjected to each time I go there, each being more vicious than the other.

OCN: How are you Mole? Visiting the temple after quite a few days?

Me: I am fine aunty ( big smile to avoid the questions).

OCN:How is work?

Me: Fine

OCN: So when are you getting married?

Me: Smile ( Actually gritting my teeth), No idea aunty, amma and acchan are looking out. ( And they also think they are running out of options)

OCN: I am looking forward to a sadhya ( wedding feast in malayalam) soon...

Me: ( I almost mumble the name of nearby mallu restaurant for sadhya) Silence...

I have never prayed as intently as that day and on many days when this strikes me ... God , why single me out for all this torture?

Now the incident that triggered this blog,

Last night one of my friends came down to borrow a book. I had just finished handing it to him , when he told looked at the top floor balconies and exclaimed " Deepti call the fire brigade"
startled I looked up, and to my horror, OCN had struck again. In the process of having a good look at my "male" friend , OCN had got tangled in the balcony grill. With great difficulty, the fire brigade rescued the poor soul. ( But I am sure she must be grinning at the breaking news she had at hand, isnt breaking news worth all the pain folks .. wink .. wink.. )

Long live OCN .. Overtly Curious Neighbours .. atleast they keep the fire brigade busy with their antics.. and I am seriously planning to run the marathon .. or maybe the obstacle race next Olympics as I practice daily .. dodging and running away from OCN :D


Shinu October 30, 2007 at 2:29 PM  

I totally identify with your predicament. I have lots of OCN's in my building. Women in their twenties of marriagable age are it's favorite target.
Solution: OCN needs to be kept busy. Get one of your guy/girl friend to call up OCN's daughter. No daughter? Call up OCN.. hahahaha

divs October 30, 2007 at 2:54 PM  

Nice one...hilarious.

Rajesh ® October 31, 2007 at 11:21 AM  

This is what i call,,, reality in words..
I am sure reality is much more funnier and irritating,,,, especially the OCN's.. Who thinks they are one who are going to run our life’s

Aslan November 1, 2007 at 12:19 AM  

Didn't know you were Mallu (:-0) Heh, please call me also for the sadhya. But in the interim, why don't you concoct some absolute cock-and-bull story like you're planning to take the GRE and go to the US to do a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology at Cornell because you envisage a growth in F1 in India in the not-too-near future and would like to become a modern day Philoctetes and groom India's first "real" F1 driver :)

shruti December 17, 2007 at 3:11 PM  

Just try not answering any of theri questions helps ..but start talking about other things .,maybe a movie review or a new shop that they cana ctuallya dd value too ..get ur information and leave them more curious than before .. an OCN just hates not getting any answer to their questions ..its the worst u can do to them and the most satisfying ..

Shawn January 24, 2008 at 12:54 PM  

Hilarious! Maybe you should tell them the next time that you recently turned atheist just to see the look on their faces! It'll be fun. OCNs eh....i'm borrowing that if you don't mind. Thanks!

Enduring the Babbles of Life January 26, 2008 at 9:53 PM  

good stuff deeps. very relatable...and you have kept the curiosity till the end. will keep visiting.