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2 Minutes of Fame

>> Tuesday, May 22, 2007

At a recent celebrity wedding (read big fat), there was a media circus about a starlet claiming to be the groom's ex-wife. The media went into an overdrive about her suicide attempt and alleged drug addiction and the in-house doctors diagnosing a case of hallucinations.
However the alleged "Victim" got what she was seeking, her 2 minutes of fame (even if it was defaming) and glory. Who else would have given a second glance to Janhavi (see it wasn’t just 2 minutes of fame .. we still remember her name).

The numerous PILs filed these days have made a mockery of the judicial system. In a country where court cases stretch beyond the lives of victims , where a bomb blast trial takes so many years that the country has already witnessed a couple of bomb blasts at the same places , its a surprise our courts have time to even consider PILs on trivial issues.
All the litigants of the PILs are looking for are their 2 minutes of fame. Do they really care what Richard Gere actually does for AIDS patients. In case of the PILs against ART, it is a fact that what I perceive as beauty would be an eye sore for my neighbour, does that mean we file PILs and counter PILs against each other. India was a land which thrived on its differences. However it’s really scary to see the levels of intolerance these days.

Like the spoof on PILs on radio rightly says, does anybody ever think of filing a PIL against the government or politician who fall back on their promises or for people who starve.
I guess then, nobody would hound them for their sound bytes because they aren't filing PILs against someone famous, who would in turn guarantee them their "2 Minutes of Fame".