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Youth for equality !!!!!!!!

>> Thursday, March 29, 2007

The morning news brought a big smile to my face today ( for a change) . The Supreme Court had brought about a Stay on the 27% reservation for OBC in all higher educational institutions.
Its a slap on the faces of our vote bank hungry politicians who will stoop to any level to keep themselves happy.
The quota controversy broke out almost simultaneously at the time the movie Rang De Basanti hit the theatres. This movie which motivated the youth to come forward and fight for their rights peacefully. The candle light vigils and silent protests sparked up a new fervour among the youth. Few students from AIMMs started the Youth for Equality, a group to protest against the 27 % reservations for Post graduate courses. What started out with few people turned into a mass movement almost bringing the Government machinery to its feet . Daily protests and hunger strikes only inspired more students to speak up. The politicians used force against them but the peaceful rallies continued. There were setbacks due to pressure put on the judiciary, however truth always prevails and today's judgment is a proof.
Hats off to "Youth for equality" ... we need more people like you....